Skin Rejuvenation Program (SRP)
Side effects from injections, Botox, and other beauty operations – such as stiffen face and saggy skins – are not unheard of.

Being the world’s first organic and natural skincare technology, the Skin Rejuvenation Program of MENCE can tackle these problems.

- First Swiss-patented beauty technology in Hong Kong
- Patents registered in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are testimonies to its safety and effectiveness
- The world’s only technology capable of complete pore shrinkage, surpassing even stem cell technologies
- Rejuvenate skins without preservatives, additives, fragrances, colourings and antibiotics in highly personalized programs
- A non-invasive program, it results in no scars, and no medical risks and side effects
- Clinically proven to be effective for rejuvenating skins and hair regrowth
- Simple and convenient, it will not interfere with your everyday life and work

* Individual results may vary
SRP – Savior of Acne Issues
SRP – Savior of Acne Issues
Traditional cosmetic treatments – laser dermabrasion, acid peeling, radio frequency, and injection – may give the appearance of smoothened skin, but they cause damages rather than rejuvenation. The thinner the skin, the weaker the natural protection it provides. This results in sensitive skin that may take a long time to recover – all for only temporary results.
Case 1 – Ms. M
M had been suffering from acne craters and rough skin for over 10 years. After 6 sessions of SRP, her skin had greatly improved. All she had to do each time was applying SRP on her face and let it stay overnight; the next day she was already ready to follow her regular daily skincare and makeup routines.
Case 2 - Scar from an injury during childhood
This lady has an old scar when she fell on her head as a kid. After going through the SRP, the scar is close to invisible.
Case 3
This lady had a fresh scar from a surgery. After 3 months of SRP, the scar is completely gone.
*** All the above cases are authentic and are not sponsored cases***
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