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Amy – Cofounder of Youngs Musical Studio (青田之優音樂製作室)
I work in the music industry. Every night after a performance, I would go have a meal in the middle of the night. Ever since I gave birth to two sons, my body size has grown from S to L, making me less energetic and confident.

I got to meet Mence at a charity event. It was really amazing to me that Mence was already in her 50’s like me, but still has the appearance and body shape of a 30-year-old. And it made me realize – no matter how old you are, you should still take good care of yourself and stay young.

So I made up my mind to work on myself and joined the MNOP and SGC program of MENCE. In 2 months, I have lost 27 pounds and my skin has become a lot more firm with refined pores.
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Health Tips
MENCE believes that beauty is not just about the external; what’s inside a woman affects the vibe she sends out. The internal things not only refer to what we eat, but also how we socialize, treat our family members and perceive things in general. Hence, we are sharing our health tips on this page.

Adam Wong was a cooking consultant for a famous TV show and is sharing his favorite home recipes with us.

A food connoisseur as well as a regular of MENCE, Adam insists on using no more than 5 types of seasonings – on top of minimal salt, sugar and oil each time he cooks – in order to bring out the natural flavor of his food.

This time, Adam is teaching us how to make Chiu Chow Stewed Bamboo Shoot.

As a lady originated from Chiu Chow, Mence got to cook with Adam together with Dr. Ko Wing-Man, Secretary for Food and Health of Hong Kong, Professor Sophia Chan, as well as the women committee members of Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce.

For more cooking tips:
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Chapter one: The Art of Self Maintenance
A husband would normally want to feel the joy and tenderness of his significant other when he returns home. You can use this opportunity to strengthen the bond with your husband if you can master the Art of Self Maintenance.

What we see can greatly influence our internal feelings. Being your husband’s partner, your smile is the most effective stress relief he can receive. If you can combine it with a toned body, he would be more than delighted and grateful for your presence.

It is also important to know how to trust your husband. A good friend of mine once said: “Trust is the basis of respect. You can’t achieve mutual respect without mutual trust”. Demonstrate your trust through accommodation of his expectations. Show your unconditional support throughout his struggles. He will return his love knowing that he has you as his backbone on his journey to success.
Chapter two: Natural Talent
A good friend of mine once told me, “A woman is a sad one if she fails to truly understand her significant other throughout her life.”

To truly care for your man, you need to support him in a way that will help him reach his true potential. You need to tend towards his needs, but never blindly give him what he wants.

Genuine communication is essential between any couple. And our natural talent to see through the hearts of men is one of our most valuable assets to help us achieve this. We can make the best use of this inborn skill – to become aware of his needs and act on it before he does – to strengthen our relationships. He will thank you with all his heart.
Chapter three - Be Loving and Passionate
I deeply believe in this principle – that behind every great man is an even greater woman. A woman that is loving and nurturing can help a man pushes through even the toughest of times and realizes his dreams.

Truth be told, men have a fragile side that they refuse to admit. If you truly love him, you need to protect his delicate heart while nurturing his strengths. Instead of showing resentment towards him as he experiences and shows his frustration, show him your true strength through your tenderness.

With your compassion, he will be freed from his mental prison and able to continue his journey towards success. And his love for you would only grow with each passing day.
Chapter 4: The Weak Spot of Men
Most men value their dignity as their second life, making it their weak spots. From my experience, never tarnish a man’s dignity, lest you pay a high price. His pride would be hurt even more if the harsh words come from his wife.

For any ....