It’s suitable for people that are, but not limited to, the following:
- Health-conscious
- Too busy for extensive workouts
- Looking for an ideal body shape
- Had difficulties in weight loss in past attempts
- Unable to perform workout routines due to natural physique
- Unable to perform workout routines due to health issues
- Overweight
We will first provide a free body analysis, measuring metrics such as body fat and muscle density. Then we will recommend programs that would best suit your personal needs. And you are free to choose whether to undergo the programs.
Our clients usually fall into 2 categories: 1. Local Hong Kong clients: we usually recommend them to have 2 to 3 sessions each week, with each lasting for one and a half hours. 2. Frequent travellers or tourists: we recommend them to have 1 session every day during their short stay, also for one and a half hours. To ensure long-lasting results, we provide diet recommendations to establish a healthy eating habit.
We do not recommend doing so, as that could worsen your body’s condition. Some of our clients who have taken such medications have reported a series of side effects, such as hand tremor and grumpiness. There are also possibilities of issues like saggy skin and weight rebound after suspending their usage. With our programs and diet recommendations, you can achieve your ideal body figure AND achieve optimal health at the same time.
Reducing your food portion size all of a sudden will slow down your metabolism. In response, your body would automatically adjust and absorb more from subsequent meals. Thus, fat is easily accumulated and results in weight rebound. We provide diet recommendations alongside our programs to help each client establish a sustainable healthy eating habit. With our MNOP program, you can both lose weight and enjoy food to your heart’s content.
Exercises require not only an adequate amount of muscle mass and energy to support the movements but also sufficient time and rest to recover. Otherwise, you can easily cause injuries to your body. This is why it takes a long time to achieve weight loss targets with traditional exercises and gym routines. Our patented MNOP can find the root causes of your excessive weight gain according to your unique body composition. With programs that utilize the principles of ‘passive exercise’, you can easily achieve weight loss target in a safer and more time-efficient manner without risk of injuries.
Absolutely no side effects, while being highly effective. We have over 30 years of experience in healthy weight management and have acquired the international qualification of ISO9001-2000. Our equipment is safe and has been approved by the FDA in the US. Our patented technologies have been certified and scientifically proven in their effectiveness on weight loss, able to significantly lower your body fat, triglycerides and BMI. We are committed to helping our clients to achieve their ideal body figures with long-lasting results. Our professional and experienced therapists can help you achieve satisfactory results with our pioneering technologies and equipment. The stunning success rate of 98% is a testimony to our commitment. Our programs benefit people of all ages, from teenagers to the elderly. Our clients include people from a wide range of backgrounds and professions. Even Dr Lo Yuk Lam, Honorary Chairman of HK Biotechnology Committee, is one of our delighted clients.
With conventional programs, they only temporarily reduce the sizes of fat cells. Therefore, weight rebound is likely to occur once you stop performing those exercises and increase your food portion sizes. At MENCE, we both shrinks and reduces the number of fat cells. We tackle the problem at its root – improving blood circulation and increasing the body metabolism. By following our diet and workout recommendations, our clients can maintain their toned bodies with low risk of rebound, even after their programs have ended.
Our skin secretes sebum to protect our face. When the excessive sebum comes into contact with foreign particles in the air, it will oxidize and turn into blackheads, blocking the pores and causing inflammation. Typical products are only effective for anti-inflammation on the skin surface, while MENCE programs can combat breakouts by eliminating the bacteria that causes them.
Acne is an inflammation caused by a large number of anaerobic bacteria, which are very toxic and erode deep into our dermal layer until the wounds are not able to recover by themselves. Acne craters are results of damaged skin cells after a breakout. Conventional methods such as dermal fillers, laser resurfacing and radio frequency are used to physically fill in or smoothen the craters. But they make the skin thinner, causing it to lose its natural protection and become more sensitive. MENCE employs the natural, organic Self Growth Colony (SGC) biotechnology to safely stimulate the regeneration of skin cells, repairing damages and solving acne crater issues significantly without injection or surgery.