As babies grow during pregnancy, skin tissues are being rapidly expanded. This causes rupture of the dermal tissue structures, resulting in stretch marks and saggy skin. Along with excess calories intake, lack of exercise, slowed body circulation and imbalance of hormones, fat and toxins build up easily. These conditions make it hard to return to the pre-pregnancy body figure by conventional means.

The dedicated team of MENCE has developed a series of programs that tackle these stubborn issues mothers face post-childbirth. With our natural, comfortable, healthy, time efficient and non-invasive procedures, we can help you return to your pre-pregnancy body figure, and radiate with confidence.
Postnatal Weight Loss
A woman is deemed to have postpartum obesity when the body weight six weeks after birth is greater than her pre-pregnancy weight by more than 10%.
Utilizing photo-pneumatic technology, MENCE help you get rid of excess body fat, achieving weight loss effect with low risk of rebound. Blood and lymphatic circulation are improved to help eliminate toxins. Collagen are revitalized, restoring the strength and elasticity of the skin.
Postnatal Skin Firming
MENCE utilizes technologies specifically designed for skin firming to restore the damaged dermal layer of your body, thus eliminating stretch marks and tightening your skin.
For mothers with smaller physiques, the extreme weight gain during pregnancy not only causes skin relaxation, but also damages in the external abdominal oblique and rectus abdominus. Conventional exercises are unable to train muscles of this layer – a major source of frustration for postnatal weight loss. With this in mind, MENCE utilizes the principle of ‘passive exercise’ in its programs to increase muscle density in these areas, returning the abdomen to a tightened state.
Postnatal Skin Rejuvenation
MENCE uses natural formula to tackle issues in pigmentation, eliminating dullness and uneven skin tone, giving the skin a more radiant complexion.
Within our spacious and private VIP rooms, each mother can enjoy complete relaxation while undergoing our programs. With MENCE, you can safely and comfortably achieve a body figure more toned than ever.
Achieve a perfect and youthful body with MENCE