MENCE Non-Invasive Overweight Prevention (MNOP)
The MENCE Non-invasive Overweight Prevention (MNOP) program can help you increase muscle mass through passive exercise – way more effective than traditional workouts. It also shrinks and reduces the number of fat cells, giving a long-lasting effect with low risk of rebound.

Scientifically proven in its effectiveness in achieving muscle gain, weight loss, lowered BMI, and improved health, our MNOP can help you achieve your ideal body figure in the most comfortable and time-efficient way.

* Individual results may vary
The patented MNOP is suitable for people who:
- Want to tone their bodies in a safe, time-efficient and comfortable way
- Have previous unsuccessful attempts in weight loss
- Are unable to exercise due to weight, body issues or injuries
- Are unable to exercise due to tight schedules
- Want to speed up their post-surgery/injury recoveries
- Want to improve their performances in workout routines
- Wants to improve their overall health and fitness
- Have 3-highs and other health problems
MENCE can help you return to your most ideal and confident self!