A woman’s curve is made up of the chest, waist and the bottom. With the severe lack of bottom contouring programs in the market, as well as excessive attention to the chest and waist, it makes the bottom being neglected in its importance.
With this in mind, MENCE is dedicated to bring you the most natural, comfortable, and non-invasive bottom contouring program, restoring its appearance of beauty and strength.
Bottom Shaping
Muscles are “use it or lose it” kind of tissues in our body. Without adequate exercises, muscle mass will naturally decline. For the bottom, it would become flattened and relax, losing its fullness. In order to reverse this, MENCE employs technologies that utilize the principle of ‘passive exercise’ to safely and effectively increase the muscle mass in in the bottom, restoring its tightened and healthy look.
* Individual results may vary
Cellulite and other conditions (e.g. edema, orange peel) are some of the most visible signs of an unhealthy body, caused by excess fat and accumulated toxins. These issues cannot be eliminated by exercising alone. Our specialized technologies target the roots of these problems by eliminating fat cells and toxins, and improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and cellulite is eliminated in an instant.
* Individual results may vary
Once fat and toxins accumulate in regions below your waistline, especially the inner thighs and the buttock, they are extremely hard to eliminate with conventional exercises and weight loss methods. The technologies of MENCE are specially designed to tackle such stubborn issues. By simply laying down comfortably, we can eliminate excess fat cells and increase muscle mass, while improving the blood and lymphatic circulation to facilitate the drainage of toxins, giving you a bottom that is to be envied.
Postnatal Bottom Shaping
During pregnancy, the bottoms of women will store large amount of fat in order to support and protect the babies. This results in postnatal increased sizes, damages in muscle and skin elasticity, and collagen within the skin. Our technologies will first focus on eliminating excess fat. Then we will repair structures by rejuvenating collagen production and increasing muscle density, restoring your charming curve.
Beyond the external showcase of beauty and strength, our bottoms support us in our everyday lives, from sitting to other basic movements. Without enough muscles, we become less mobile and more prone to injuries, especially for the elderly. Therefore, strengthening the muscles in the bottom region is key to a decent quality of life.
Achieve a perfect and youthful body with MENCE