Achieve a perfect body with our advanced technologies and programs
Skin Rejuvenation Program (SRP)
- First Swiss-patented beauty technology in Hong Kong

- Patents registered in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are testimonies to its safety and effectiveness

- The world’s only technology capable of complete pore shrinkage, surpassing even stem cell technologies

- Rejuvenate skins without preservatives, additives, fragrances, colourings and antibiotics in highly personalized programs

- A non-invasive program, it results in no scars, and no medical risks and side effects

- Clinically proven to be effective for rejuvenating skins and hair regrowth

- Simple and convenient, it will not interfere with your everyday life and work
MENCE Non-Invasive Overweight Prevention (MNOP)
MNOP utilizes the principle of ‘passive exercise’ to increase muscle mass – 6 times more effective than conventional exercises and produces long-lasting results with low risk of rebound. Clinical researches have proven its effectiveness in achieving muscle gain, weight loss and lowered BMI, greatly improving the body’s health.
Breast Enhancing
Since the inception of MENCE, we have helped countless women in restoring fullness and elasticity of their breasts. By energizing the skin and muscles within, they have achieved firmer and more symmetrical breasts, restoring their youthful appearance and self-confidence.
Bottom Contouring
Utilizing specialized technologies, MENCE can help dissipate excess fat and revitalize collagen within the body to achieve a perfectly shaped and tightened bottom.
Leg Toning
MENCE can help shrink and reduce the number of fat cells, enhance body metabolism, and improve blood and lymphatic circulation. These would lead to the elimination of cellulite, and give your legs a toned texture.
Arm Firming
MENCE employs technologies that utilize the principle of ‘passive exercise’ to train muscles, while also shrink and reduce the number of fat cells – more effective than conventional exercises.
Achieve a perfect and youthful body with MENCE